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My work is a visual investigation into how objects appear in space.

The basic shapes that make up all forms visible to the eye, are formed by what appear to be lines. Relatively speaking, these lines do not have distinct borders as such, but do have distinct directions. These directions are labelled(conditioned) with words such as ‘curved’, ‘angular’, ‘geometrical’ or abstract without any definite shape/direction etc. 

By exploring the natural and spontaneous way that the body makes marks  on a surface it can be seen how random  lines can suggest shapes (as in abstract surrealism). Through an exploration of abstraction over a period of time, I attempted to define line as a raw gestural expression. This gradually  evolved quiet naturally into a geometrical line, a line that has a definite direction to it. A line that appears spontaneously and yet contains a condition (a direction), the condition being angular.


Further observation of my environment has revealed that  these basic geometrical lines, are actually the shape of forms visible to the eye as the basic forms of any object appearing in space. But seeing that this basic form is naturally inherent as the natural and spontaneous expression of the body, no differentiation can be derived between the body and any object. This points to the illusion that objects in space are thought to be separate from one another. The work(panting) is therefore a visual pointer to the fact of non-duality.

absolutearts.com Portfolio


absolutearts.com Portfolio

"He who has gratitude will be given more, he who does  not have gratitude will be taken away even what he   has"

whatever,  you want in life always be in mode of gratitude. Reading The Secret Magic, by Rhonda Byrne, finished once will read it  another time.

The  correct way to read any inspirational motivataional book is to read it at least three times, to understand the author, to understand the meaning of the written word and to implement it in your lives. Usually people read a book with half attention and thus it does  not change anything in their life.

I have heard many poeple say nothing happens by reading motivational books, well self coaches say just that, this is a disease called "EXCUSITIS" when we  ourselves do not want our destiny to change we find reasons for not doing the hard work required to achieve success.

What I do, first brush up on important words,  pages, then and titles, then I start reading the book  from beginning, slowly, not as a story book but as a teacher guide book, then I try to understand the authors views, while trying to  link this to our life and incidences, sometimes I read many pages , and sometimes a single one, reading in continuity is important otherwise you forget, once the book is completed. I leave a few days and begin again. Sometimes I begin in succession after the completion. 

There has never been a book which has not changed my outlook or never helped me in any way, always a fiction, a  love story , a thriiller, a motivational book, a guide, each book has  amessage , you just have to reach it, take what is applicable and leave the rest.   

Success in terms of education, health, relationships, career and money. There iis no limit to the universe  and the magic is bound to happen , as  I have read "God takes 99 steps but that one step you have to take" While you look at the healing paintings feel the aura of the symbols, the colors, the textures, understand your emotions, and work towards taking your life to the next level.

go ahead, look into your life, relationships, career, wealth, just whatever you wish..do that one thing required,  one step and see the miracles!

as for miracles, there just happened one, people from next building came searching for me, as they had found a friendly parakeet who would not go out of their home, and as I had posted about our missing parakeet who was with us since past two   and half years , and got caught few months back, I had gone building to building, floor to floor in our area enquiring about her, distributed pamphlets, they thought it was ours, no this si not ours, but they insited you take him home he will be cared for much better,  this is a male  parakeet who has just been welcomed as family, so while he is resting, another one with the n number of sparrows, mynas, pigeons, white pigeon, the crows (there is one who comes before we open our Ramzan fast for a piece of banana from my share,  and the 4 budgies, here is another one to share my love, welcome! 

While on this spiritual journey of The Red Pilgrim, as I continue to paint healing art...I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals.  




absolutearts.com Portfolio


absolutearts.com Portfolio

The art critic who arrives without intervention of under handed ways, is a true critic of the art works.

Why do I say this?

It is a contemporary mind set to promote the arts. But there is ‘promotion’ and there is ‘promotion’. The first type, is to boost the image of the artist and the second type is a true critique of the art work only.

The first type is now the current fashion because many artists find it necessary to boost their insecurity as an artist. They actually pay the critique to review their works, and then promote themselves with this lies on their websites or on their exhibitions.

It is a poor and sad state of affairs when an artist finds it necessary to promote themselves, but not their work.

It is easy to see who such artists are. What the art critique is saying, has very little to do with the art work. It is all about self-importance, how great the artist is in using their talent.

All kinds of biennales and competitions are used for this false image creation. Just mention ‘biennale’ and it already looks like something important. People calling themselves artists, even with arts degrees, succumb to this sad state of affairs. I do not believe that they even question their actions. Catchy words like ‘premio’ and ‘biennale’ are used for this false image growth.

 I do not wish to blame anyone for this, because it appears to go hand in hand with the socio/political movement that crept into the minds of Italians for the past seventeen years and which swept across the globe like a virus. This movement is known as ‘Berlusconism’. To put into simple language, it is a movement whereby one utilizes methods of lying and stealing to make yourself look confident.This (false) confidence is highly prized and people base their sense of self-worth on this. Furthermore, gullible folk buy into this quickly thinking it is 'art' they are collecting when all that is happening is a feeding frenzy of cheating in the name of art.

The interesting part of this movement, is that those involved, believe that they are doing the ‘right’ thing.

Over the years, I have visited numerous artist websites and have seen more false critique than true critique. You must understand that liars are not necessarily bad people. They can be very kind, it’s just that their way of getting known is all lies. And people who do not question much, are gullible and these gullible, support these liars.

If you fancy yourself or your works, and you ‘buy’ critique, or use critique that is only meant to pump up your self-image, then you are a liar. Maybe even a happy liar…but a liar none the less. Your intention is on a par with the liars of this world, the henchmen who govern pedophiliac activities,(legal) gun running and underhanded arms treaties and deals just to mention a few normal government activities around the globe.

Your work will show this. You might have good sales, have many followers because of your success. But you are a liar. You are a Berlusconi, even if you detest the movement. And how is this known? Your work speaks more loudly than any of your merits, than any of your critique (bought or given). Anyone who is sensitive to lies, will see you. But the chances of you seeing yourself will be very slim. You have a false persona to uphold. You are now ‘known’ by the false. The blind lead the blind.

Very few have the integrity to be true to themselves, prefering to stand there at their exhibitions and be applauded as the hard working artist or writer who is so talented. What a sad state of affairs. What an unnecessary use of intelligence.

It is always possible to be true to yourself. Are you?



absolutearts.com Portfolio


absolutearts.com Portfolio

 As a new professional photographer, I have learned one thing. It takes time to develop your own style. It is a process that cannot be rushed or cannot be copied. Every photographer has a vision about how they see a subject. This interpretation is what helps create our individuality.
I tried to copy other artists in the past, but that is a futile attempt.

I remember asking one of my instructors, How do I create my own style'? He chuckled and said it comes with time and the development of the inner voice. It has taken me almost three years to develop my style. My style evolved thru music. I hear what I see in my head. The best way to explain would be if you were listening to a song that slowly builds. The beat gets faster and the chords get stronger. Until the ultimate crescendo occurs and the shutter is release in the camera.

absolutearts.com Portfolio

24 July 2013 @ 10:17 am

absolutearts.com Portfolio

abstract of a chairI am exploring in my work are the ways in which the appearance of objects in space are made up of shapes. These shapes are made out of definite lines with varying angles to each other. These lines appear to happen between two definite points or edges. In between these two points, lies the angles of direction which determine the shape of the line.

The objects themselves are made up of these angular shapes. After this there is an optical play of light of varying wavelengths that determine the colours of objects. The colour itself having no bearing on the object itself What. I say this because the colour seen between two objects, is not an object itself. Colour is then an afterthought, like the label given to an object is an afterthought.

What defines an object is purely optical, because the shapes that make up the appearance of space are undefinable from each other.

There appears to be a beginning and an end, defined as two points of a line, but this is only used in explaining the makeup of the line, because when directly observed, no beginning or end can be seen.

In my latest painting ‘chair’, the only definable surface is that of a wall next to which the chair appeared. Rendered as a flat surface of transparent white that lightly shows the shapes that make up the empty mass of space that appears on awareness.

absolutearts.com Portfolio


absolutearts.com Portfolio

Those powerful telescopes used by NASA to track light into the depths of space are pieces of technology that reveal mysteries that unlock information hidden for eons. Information only available to a mind-set labelled ‘occult’ or some other removed membership hidden from public viewing.

Obviously a lot of what Hubble has recorded and what gets discovered is held from public ears. Never the less, it is all there available and with a few accurate pointers it is possible to unveil some pertinent information about what is going on ‘out there’ so to speak.

Firstly what strikes me the most are the colours of gases that adorn our galaxy. The Orion’s belt where stars and planets are born is an array of heavenly splendour.

Going beyond this, with the aid of x-ray vision, a vast space of matter is seen. Uncountable galaxies. And beyond this, to what scientists call the beginning of time where the first stars are formed. Note that when you look into such a telescope what is seen as the beginning is seen in the present instant. This poses a question about ‘time’. How can what we call the past be seen in the present?. This means that the ‘past’ happens in the present. It is such a mind bender that few people consider it. But, there it is. You can see the beginning of time in the present. It looks as if light is moving toward us. Does it really?

The scientists say that matter is seen in space because of light hitting its surface. In the same way as Venus is visible in our night sky because of the reflection of the sun off the clouds that surround her. And yet, matter itself made up of energy, is self-illumined.  So there is reflection happening and self-illumination happening both in the same instant. This means that neither the coming nor the going of light is more or less necessary for an object to be viewed. Worth considering if you are a visual artist. What and how do you see objects in space?

With all this light equally dispersed, the whole universe is illumined with energy. An energy which actions everything. That one action of an asteroid catapulting around inside the rings of Saturn has its course determined by the very same no thing that is actioning your eye as it receives a light signal on your screen as you read this. One only has to ponder the macrocosm to see how the microcosm is also the macrocosm. From this I cannot say that everything is ‘interconnected’ as interconnectedness implies something else. I am saying that Macro and micro are one and the same. The only difference between them being one of optical perception.

We know from quantum mechanics that an object perceived in space is determined by the perception of it. No other is known. The instant the label is present, the perceived is subjugated to that label. But on investigation into whether or not the label is the labelled, it gets seen that it is not. So something shifts in perception when a label is questioned. And yet, constant questioning can be no more than psychological hypothesis that amounts to nothing other than more hypothesis with no practical application in sight (which is all very well if it’s there for entertainment) But when there are big questions to be answered like ‘why are we here?’ , ‘who are we’, ‘what is the meaning of life’, etc., then hypothesis can be a problem because sooner or later it’s seen to be a tail chase and the desire to know is left unsatisfied.


absolutearts.com Portfolio


absolutearts.com Portfolio

I recently took a trip to up to Canada to visit Banff National Park. I wanted to photograph one particular region of the park.
I was browsing on photographs on Ebay about a year and a half ago and came across a photograph of some mountains covered in snow while the lake in the foreground appeared to be turquoise in color. I was quickly drawn to this color and began to search the internet to find out where this amazing location was. I had to find it!! After about 20 minutes of research, I had discovered the location, Lake Moraine in Banff National Park.

I looked over hundreds of photographs of the lake, mapped it out on Google Earth, and thus began my goal to visit the region. It took me about 14 months of waiting before I could go, but it was worth it.It was spectacular!
The color of the water was turquoise/ blue.. The water that comes that comes off the glaciers is an amazing hue of blue.

Anyways, I had a preconceived idea of what the lake looked like and where I was going to take some photographs. I figured that it would be pretty much the same thing as thousands of others had taken. The classic shot of Lake Moraine( the same one that is on their currency).

To my surprise the photograph is similar, but a completely different interpretation of the scene.

And yes, I am quite pleased with it!!

Imaginary Waters

absolutearts.com Portfolio


absolutearts.com Portfolio

I'm HAPPY to announce that I completed my latest painting "The Dream" which I'm sharing with you in this "sneak preview". It's my contribution to the CELEBRATION of the Historic 50th Anniversary of the March On Washington that takes place on Wednesday, August 28, 2013.
"The Dream" will be officially unveiled on Thursday, August 29, 2013 before the California State Assembly in Sacramento, CA.
"The Dream" - Oil & Acrylic on Canvas - 36x24"
Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have A Dream" Speech, the painting includes several key elements:
"Little Black boys and Black girls will be able to join hands with little White boys and White girls and walk ...together as sisters and brothers"
"All God's children...singing "My country 'tis of thee...let freedom ring..."
"Blacks, Whites, Jews, Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics join hands and sing "Free At Last! Free At Last! Thank God Almighty we are Free At Last!"
I based the sky on a photograph I took one morning of an incredible sunrise by the beach. I used it in the painting to symbolize a new day, new beginnings, and a dreamlike state of mind.
The multicultural children are connected as sisters and brothers (forefront) further symbolizing a new day and furture, and the multicultural choir and audience of all faiths have joined together in celebration of FREEDOM.
"The Dream" is one of my most important paintings. So I'm publishing it as a Limited Edition Print, and also as a Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas (in 3 sizes) so that the purchase prices will fit into all budgets as follows:
Limited Edition Print (Hand-signed & Numbered)
24x18" Pre-Publication Price= $100 Retail= $200
Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas
36x24" Pre-Publication Price= $575 Retail= $875
27x18" Pre-Publication Price= $375 Retail= $675
18x12" Pre-Publication Price= $200 Retail= $450
To place your order please call 323.993.5722 or reply to this email. You can also order from http://www.synthiasaintjames.com/gallery.html with a major credit/debit card, paypal, or paypal's "bill me later" which gives you 6 months to pay with no finance charges).
Thank YOU!!!
Click on the link below to hear I HAVE A DREAM:

absolutearts.com Portfolio


absolutearts.com Portfolio


P.O. Box 27683

Los Angeles, CA 90027



For Immediate Release

14th July 2013

In Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the March On Washington

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the historic March On Washington, international award winning artist Synthia SAINT JAMES has just completed a painting titled “The Dream” inspired by the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s I HAVE A DREAM.

Assemblywoman Cheryl Brown has arranged for the official unveiling of “The Dream”, one of SAINT JAMES’ most important paintings to date, before the California State Assembly at the State Capitol Building in Sacramento, California on Thursday morning, August 29, 2013.

“The Dream” has already been described as awesome, beautiful, phenomenal, inspirational, memorable, exciting, and in the words of one of her collectors; “You captured the spirit of the 50th anniversary so well. “The Dream” is truly a masterpiece”.

“The Dream” is already in production for release as Limited Edition Prints and a Limited Edition Giclees on Canvas. Art World News, an international art trade magazine, will be featuring the painting in their upcoming article on the 50th anniversary of the March On Washington.


#Synthia SAINT JAMES is a world renowned multicultural visual artist, an award winning author and or illustrator of 17 children’s books, and author of an autobiographical art marketing book, 3 poetry books, a book of affirmations, and a cookbook.

She is also a popular speaker and architectural designer who has garnered numerous awards over her forty plus year career, including the prestigious Trumpet Award, and a Honorary Doctorate Degree from Saint Augustine’s University (where her Fine Art Institute is located). She also serves as an Ambassador for Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

She is most celebrated for designing the first Kwanzaa Stamp for the United States Postal Service in 1997, for which she received a History Maker Award, and for the international cover art for Terry McMillan’s book Waiting to Exhale. But very few know that her artwork has been featured internationally in several embassies in the Art in Embassies Program since the 1990’s.

SAINT JAMES, a highly commissioned artist, continues to create artwork for individuals and for corporations. Coca Cola USA, Maybelline, Essence Communications, Glendale Memorial Hospital, and Barnes & Noble represent a mere sampling. Her most celebrated collectors include Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr., Alice Walker, Glynn Turman, Brenda Russell, Regina Taylor, Charles Fuller and Jenifer Lewis.

Awards created by Synthia SAINT JAMES include the “We See You Award”, the “Mosaic Woman Award”, and “The Lifetime Achievement Award” especially created for His Excellency Nelson Mandela from Africare in 2010.

Dr. Synthia SAINT JAMES is currently booking speaking engagements, master classes, short term artist-in-residencies, and exhibitions for her 2013-2014 tour, which includes colleges, universities and other venues both nationally and internationally.

Curriculum Vitae: www.synthiasaintjames.com/bio.html


For Media Interviews Please Contact:

Carmela D. Smith, Publicist


Appearance Bookings:


For Licensing Opportunities:



absolutearts.com Portfolio


absolutearts.com Portfolio



When you enter into a room, everything is registered in an instant. That is awareness. The innate intelligence that suffuses everything. Painting is an expression of this. What I paint is therefore everything at once, before a label gets put onto it. This means that I paint an expression of seeing and not what I have been taught to see. For example: perspective, as taught as a theory, requires a viewer and a vanishing point. In reality, though, no viewer or center exists and neither does a vanishing point or horizon line. These are all conceptual pointers to what is really happening as this instant. 

The artwork itself is a pointer to what is called real. The artwork and the subject matter it represents, are expressions of reality but can never actually be reality itself because they too disappear in time/space. Basically they are what appear on and as time/space.

absolutearts.com Portfolio